Central circle in 3D

Advertising in 3D to capture visibility in the moments prior to the start of the sporting event. Great visibility. Light-weight and reusable material. Easy to install and remove. Minimal distortion of the logo allows perfect reading from any point of the stadium.

Carpeting of tunnel to dressing rooms

Maximum personalisation at the point where the players leave the tunnel from the dressing rooms to go to the pitch. Advertising carpeting printed in full colour with any image and brand. Different qualities available for repeated usage.

Personalisation of Stadiums

We custom-manufacture any type of advertising support for sporting events, both for indoor and outdoor use. Complete management of the projects, from the initial proposal, to the design, manufacturing and installation.

Peripheral advertising

Static advertising in billboards made in different materials according to where they are placed. Maximum durability and unbeatable visibility. Custom manufactured for each location.

Foam wedges

Advertising spaces completely safe for the players, made of soft foam and covered with canvas printed in full colour. Watertight material and of long duration.


Large advertising messages that are deployed over the bleachers at the moment of maximum impact. Printed in special light-weight material, completely safe for the fans, they increase the visibility of your brand.