3D Sports Stickers


Our 3-dimensional vinyls will increase your advertising impact.

The best solution is often a fixed self-adhesive on the playing field


For the interior of the play area in indoor sports such as basketball courts, handball, volleyball, paddle tennis and others, we produce vinyl resistant to the footprints of athletes with full safety for them, thanks to the special anti-slip treatment.


Vinyl is digitally printed in full color, including, if the logo requires, photographic images or gradients.

We always use removable vinyls so that when they are removed they do not leave debris or dirt on the track.


For the outdoor areas of the playing court we also use CamCarpets (non-adhesive tarpaulins), fixed to the ground using perimeter adhesive, which allow them to be reused in multiple matches during the same season. Like 3D adhesive vinyl, it is also digitally printed in full color with the possibility of including images and gradients.

Advertising vinyls in sports venues
Request the technical sheet

Request the technical sheet

    Basketball advertising 3d stickers.


    Teams from the Euroleague, the Eurocup, the ACB and the main national competitions in the world trust our 3D adhesive supports and CamCarpets. The 3D advertising system of 3D Sport Signs puts your brand in the center of the action.

    Handball advertising 3d stickers.


    Both the 3D adhesive supports and the CamCarpets, spread across the handball field, provide an optimal advertising presence and resist the most demanding game actions.

    Badminton advertising 3d stickers.


    On the badminton court 3D sports advertising of 3D Sport Signs will increase your visibility both inside and outside the playing field.