3D Paint Application
3d paint


We paint your logo or advertising in 3D on the grass of the field and inside the play area.

Logos and advertising messages can also be painted directly on the ground. We make original files that are replicated on any surface.


Sponsor logos can now be labeled within the playing area of ​​a stadium for rugby, cricket, hockey, etc. Directly on the grass, without any danger to the players.


Thanks to our ecological paints, specially designed for this purpose, we can easily paint on the lawn in any color and in any size.

Our paints are completely grass-friendly and are easily removed using only water after the event is over.


The 3D paint on the grass field gives a relief optical effect, notably highlighting advertising both from the camera view and from the stadium stands themselves.

3D advertising paint on grass
Request the technical sheet

Request the technical sheet

    Paint 3D advertising in rugby stadium


    In sports like rugby, the 3D paint on the grass will get outstanding visibility as it is applied directly to the playing area. It is removed at the end of the match.

    paint 3D advertising in Cricket stadium


    Now possible to label sponsor logos in 3D directly on the grass within the playing area of a cricket stadium and thus achieve better results from your advertising investments.

    paint 3D advertising in motor


    Advertising in the motor world is becoming more important every day and is gaining more visibility. With 3D paint on the grass, or 3D carpets, your brand will achieve that difference that will make it stand out from the rest.