3d CamCarpets


Increase the impact of your sports advertising with our 3D CamCarpets.

We print on carpets and reusable tarpaulins with logos in 3 dimensions for your advertising in sports venues. We recommend the best material to produce the ads according to the surface on which the championship is held.


For 3D advertising located outside the playing area in grass stadiums (soccer, field hockey, etc.), both natural and artificial, we make the printing on a carpet made exclusively for this purpose, made of polyester with a base back of latex, of great durability.

The carpet is digitally printed in full color including, if the logo requires, photographic images or gradients. The 3D CamCarpet has sufficient self-weight so that it does not need to be nailed to the ground.


These carpets are specially designed to withstand inclement weather such as rain or sun and can be reused throughout the sports season.

Advertising 3d carpets
Request the technical sheet

Request the technical sheet

    CamCarpets 3D football


    We manufacture 3D CamCarpets for the main competitions in the world (Santander League, Copa Libertadores, Bundesliga, ...) significantly increasing the advertising impact of its advertisers.

    paint 3D advertising in Cricket stadium


    On the grass 3D Sport Signs 3D advertising supports for the world of cricket will provide the visibility that your brand needs in this sport that increasingly has more revenue and more followers.

    CamCarpets 3D field hockey

    Field hockey

    We label advertising messages directly on the grass for 3D advertising within the playing area at both natural and artificial grass hockey stadiums.